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LIFESCAPErecords people’s life stories and turns them into beautiful books

Everyone has a story to tell. You don’t have to have been a politician, an actor or a sports star to have had an interesting life. Nor do you need to have travelled the world or been a pillar of the community to have a story that people will want to read. Simply facing the challenges presented by everyday life, as you bring up a family and live through changing times, makes for a fascinating story.

A personal memoir is one of the most valuable legacies that anyone can pass on to their family. But it can be so difficult to know how to begin, or how to go about making it happen.

I am Graham Booth, and I set upLIFESCAPEto make it easy for people to pass on their life stories for future generations of their family. If you want to preserve your mother or father’s life story, or even your own,LIFESCAPEwill not only make it possible but will also provide an incredibly rewarding experience for both the narrator and those who will read their story.

Interested in commissioning aLIFESCAPEpersonal memoir? Send in ourenquiry formor call me direct on 01935 838690

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