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If you have any remaining questions about LIFESCAPEpersonal memoirs, I hope they will be answered by the FAQs below. If not, then please contact me using the enquiry form or by calling me directly on 01935 83869.

1 Can I record my own life story or can I only commission aLIFESCAPEpersonal memoir for someone else?

If you want to record your own life story for aLIFESCAPEpersonal memoir, I would be delighted to help. Many people would like to record their own memoirs but don't know where to start. I can help you make it happen.

2 Can you create aLIFESCAPEpersonal memoir of someone who lives overseas?

Yes. I have trusted interviewers in many countries, or I could arrange for the person whose life story you want to capture to create theirLIFESCAPEpersonal memoir using the self-recorded memoir approach.

3 Can I have more than 20 pictures in the book?

Yes, I can easily include more photos for a modest additional cost.

4 What if the personal memoir runs to more than 120 pages?

This is not a problem. The book can be as long as it needs to be; there will be a charge foradditional pages.

5 Can you really record all of someone's memories in just 2 or 3 days?

In most cases, yes. Good preparation really helps our ability to capture someone's whole life story; skilled interviewing also makes a big difference. The review of the transcripts from the first interviews is important, since this prompts further memories and highlights missing sections, which we can then fill in with another day's interviewing. If it turns out that we do need more than 2-3 days-worth of interviews, this can be arranged for an additional charge.

6 How quickly can aLIFESCAPEbook be completed?

Typically, the whole process takes 5-6 months from beginning to end. However, we can compress the process if necessary. If you have a dealine to meet, such as a birthday that is only 3 months away, I will do my very best to make it happen. A self-recorded memoir may take longer, since the narrator records their life story in their own time.

7 Could I give someone aLIFESCAPEpersonal memoir as a gift?

ALIFESCAPEpersonal memoir makes a perfect gift. Your 10 books are handed over in a presentation box anyway, but I can arrange gift wrapping and other options, such as a bottle of Champagne or flowers, to make someone's special day.

8 Can I choose my own design for the books?

While we have a very attractive design that most people choose to use, I can offer you other options for the page layout and typeface, as well as for cover designs and materials, such as leather and gold blocking. I will even match the style of a favourite book if you wish. There is a small supplementary charge for bespoke designs.

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