h1, #main h2, .article h3, #title p {text-shadow:none;} The origin of LIFESCAPE

My name is Graham Booth. I launchedLIFESCAPEin 2012, but its origins go back rather further.

In 1996, I had the idea of recording my mother’s life story and turning it into a book to give members of my family on her 80th birthday. People have all kinds of reasons for wanting to capture the story of their mother or father’s life. You can read mine here.

The response of family and friends showed me that lots of people would love to do the same thing for their parents, but they lack the time, contacts and experience to be able to do it themselves.

So I resolved to set up a service to help them. Having 4 children, moving to the country and restoring an historic house held up my plans for a while. But finally, after years of planning and research,LIFESCAPEfinally came into being.

You can find out more about me and my background here.

LIFESCAPE Memoirs 2012