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Sometimesthe person narrating theirLIFESCAPEpersonal memoir simply prefers to do so in their own time and at their own convenience.

This is no barrier to creating aLIFESCAPEbook. Instead of interviewing the narrator , I send them a very user-friendly voice recorder with simpleoperating instructions, along with theLIFESCAPEPlanner to help them rekindle and plan their memories. Over the time it takes them to record their life story, I call periodicallyto discuss how it is going and to offer suggestions and encouragement.

There are many other personalised options you can commission, such as:

  • books in different sizes and page formats
  • books with more text and/or pictures
  • leather bound books with gold block printing
  • gift certificates
  • e-books for reading on Kindle or iPad
  • the life story uploaded to a secure, password-protected personal website with active hyperlinks

If you are interested in these or any other personalised options, please contactLIFESCAPEby sending in our enquiry formor calling 01935 838690.

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