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Through my lengthy career as a market researcher I have learnt the skills around which I have built theLIFESCAPEservice. Central to these is my experience in interviewing people in-depth to understand their behaviour, attitudes and motivations. I can only do my job if the people I talk to trust me enough to tell me their deepest thoughts in total confidence and without judgment.

In 25 years I have conducted in-depth, face-to-face interviews with over 15,000 people, in all corners of the country and into subjects as personal as unemployment, sex and weight control. I have recruited my fellowLIFESCAPEinterviewers from a similar background, while the transcribers, editors and designers who produce the LIFESCAPE books are all professional colleagues I have come to know and trust over my years in the world of communications and media.

I personally supervise everyLIFESCAPEproject, so the skills valued by major businesses such as Coca-Cola, Danone, Guinness, Land Rover and Genes Reunited are now being applied to the creation of personal memoirs valued by families.

LIFESCAPE Memoirs 2012